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André Rieu - Welcome to my world 3 (episodes 9-12) DVD

André Rieu - Welcome to my world 3 (episodes 9-12) DVD

September 9 2016


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André Rieu - Welcome to my world 3 (episodes 9-12)  DVD

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André Rieu
Welcome to my world 3 (episodes 9-12)
9 September 2016

Tracks DVD:
1. Down Under (036:21)
2. The King's Ball (037:30)
3. Maastricht My Hometown (039:10)
4. Menu / Welcome To My World / André Rieu (DVD 3) (001:23)
Last year, Andre Rieu got his own TV series, first in England and later in the Netherlands: WELCOME TO MY WORLD. A fantastic series, which describes the ups and downs of Andre Rieu and his orchestra and the viewer a unique opportunity to follow the world-famous violinist and loved all over the world.
You see him perform in Mexico, walking through the artsy neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, visit the beautiful mosque and a bazaar in Istanbul, with fans on the photo to go in Australia. You see him before and after his concerts backstage, how he and his band are preparing for a performance, the nervous atmosphere in the dressing rooms, the discharge of the tension after a nice dinner. The camera has determined how Andre Rieu look back at some highs but also lows in his career, you see him happy as a child when they buy nice gifts for the home, but also full of emotion after a performance with mental disabilities. Among all these beautiful, exciting and often emotional scenes, you always highlights of performances all over the world. There are also unique interviews with his orchestra, soloists, both sons Marc and Pierre, but also with various guest artists and friends such as Sir Anthony Hopkins. The entire TV series will be released on DVD, and the first of these four great DVDs available in our shop from June 3rd.